Smart Christmas Tree Toppers Lights App DIY Picture LED RGB String Light Bluetooth Control LED Star String Waterfall Xmas

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Perfect decoration:


【Addressable RGB Christmas Tree Star Lights】There are a variety of static effects, 11 dynamic effects and multiple animation gallery effects for you choose in the APP, you can choose different animations and select multiple different animation to ply in a loop. Support input text and DIY the effects you want.


【Music Rhythm and Timer Function】The micphone can read the music in the phone and also capture the external sound, there are 6 music modes. You can set the specific time of light string ON/OFF and the controller will save your last mode setting and there is no need to reset the mode every time.


【Ultra Bright Chips and Excellent PVC Wires】This christmas tress star lights with 400 LEDs, 1 Star and 20 strings of lights at the end, each 1.5m long. Composed of ultra bright chips and high-quality PVC wires. Flexible pvc green wire can be bent into any shape that you want and they are almost invisible when wrapped around the Christmas tree or shrub.



1. Text Input

2. Diy Graffiti

3. Comes With Animations/Patterns

4. A Variety Of Dynamic Effects

5. Multiple Languages

6. Color Adjustment

7. Musical Rhythm

8. Timing Function



Product Model: HSD-001

Product Color: Green

Bead Color: 4040 Symphony RGB

Product Specifications: 1.5M/1.8M/2.1M

Waterproof Level: IP65 Power

Supply Mode: Power Adapter

Product Power: 5V/3A 15W

Color Box Size: 289* 207*59mm

product weight: 626g/655g/683g