Smart Curtain String Light App DIY Picture Text Led Display Smart LED RGB String Light RGB LED Bluetooth Control Curtain Lights

  • $136.00
  • $170.00

This LED product is a Bluetooth LED curtain lights string, a perfect LED product for smart home decoration, a total of 400 RGB color changing color LEDs, controlled by remote control and mobile phone APP, built-in a variety of animation and pattern effects, can achieve a variety of color lighting effects, very suitable for atmosphere lighting like christmas curtain lights and this curtain lights for bedroom is also available.

There are three options for this product size about the curtian led lights, all three sizes are 400 RGB LEDs, the difference lies in the size of the interval between the two LED string light hangers. 1*1m/3.28*3.28ft interval is 5cm, 2*2m/6.56*6.56ft interval is 10cm, 3*3m/9.84*9.84ft interval is 15cm. Choose this LED curtain string lights according to the suitable curtain string light size you actually need.

Product features: DIY graffiti, timing function, rhythm effect, text input, color adjustment, animation and pattern, dynamic effect, horizontal flip, joint screen function, multi-picture linkage, multi-language.